Effects of Calcium on Textural and Sensory Properties of Ramyon

칼슘의 첨가에 따른 라면의 조직감과 관능적 특성

  • 정재홍 (충남대학교 식품공학과)
  • Published : 1999.06.01


In an attempt to evaluate the effects of calcium on paste or gelatinization properties by amylograph and mixing properties by farinograph of wheat flour and on viscosity property cooking quality textural and sensory properties of Ramyon were examined. The contents of calcium used were from 1.0% to 3.0% based on flour weight. The viscosity property of wheat flour with calcium was increased the initial past-ing temperature but the amylograph peak viscosity were decreased in vice versa. The farinograph absorp-tion stability and breakdown were increased by calcium. The shear extrusion force and hardness of Ram-yon manufactured with calcium were shown much higher value than those of control. At cooking quality examination of Ramyon manufactured with calcium weight of cooked Ramyon was increased by volume was decreased. Extraction amounts of Ramyon manufactured with calcium during cooking were much smaller than those of control. These changes will provided many advantages in the preparation of Ram-yon. The I2 reaction value of Ramyon manufactured with calcium and control were shown to almost same values. Sensory properties of cooked Ramyon which was manufactured with calcium showed quite acceptable. Based on the cooking and sensory evaluation test addition of 0.3% calcim to wheat flour may be suitable for processing Ramyon.