Physicochemical Properties of Octenylsuccinated Corn Starch

옥테닐호박산나트륨 전분의 이화학적 특성

  • Published : 1999.03.01


Octenylscuccinated corn starches prepared by reaction of corn starch with 1-octenylsuccinic anhydride(OSAn) and their degree of substitution (DS), reaction efficiency(RE), residual octenylsuccinic acid (OSA), and physicochemical properties were compared with those of the native corn starch. DS increased with increase of OSAn and RE was much nearly the same regardless of increased of OSAn. The content of residual of residual OSA was significantly lower than that of regulation of food additives. And as washing frequency of dispersion of the reactant was increased, the content of residual OSA of octenylsuccinated starch was decreased. Raid Visco-Analyzer initial pasting temperature and setback of octenylsuccinated starches decreased whereas peak viscosity and breakdown increased. When DS of octenylsuccinated starches increased, temperature of initial gelatinization of octenylscuccinated starches drastically decreased. The octenylsuccinated starches also formed clearer pastes. The solubility was much nearly the same regardless of increase of DS at 7$0^{\circ}C$ but the swelling power increased 1.2~1.7 times higher than that of native corn starch at 7$0^{\circ}C$. The water binding capacity of octenylsuccinated starches also decreased.