Study on Bread-making Quality with Mixture of Waxy Barley-Wheat Flour 1. Rheological Properties of Dough Made with Waxy Barley-Wheat Flour Mixture

흰찰쌀보리 가루를 이용한 제빵특성 연구 1. 흰찰쌀보리-밀가루 혼합분 박죽의 물성

  • 유정희 (군산대학교 식품영양학과)
  • Published : 1999.10.01


Rheological properties of dough made from waxy barley(Iri28) flour wheat flour mixtures with additives were investigated for the preparation of waxy barley bread using farinograph, extensograph and amy lograph. The water absorption, development time and dough weakness increased as the waxy barley flour level increased in all blends; however, dough stability decreased. Farinogram properties of 10% waxy barley flour added mixture were similar to those of 100% wheat flour. The addition of A.A(ascorbic acid), gluten, HPMC(hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose) improved rheological properties of dough with 30% waxy barley flour added mixture. In particular, stability and weakness of the dough showed greater dough improving effect by addition of A.A. For the extensograph data, strength, resistance and extensibility of dough decreased with increasing level of waxy barley flour. With the addition of additives, extensogram properties were variable for 30% waxy barley flour mixture. Of these additives, gluten had highest value in strength of dough. Addition of A.A and HPMC to 30% waxy barley flour added mixture resulted in an increase in the resistance and a decrease in the extensibility. Waxy barley flour added mixtures showed little higher gelatinization temperature on amylograph data than control. Maximum viscosity reduced as the waxy barley flour level increased. Also 30% waxy barley flour added mixture containing A.A and HPMC showed a decrease in maximum viscosity. But addition of gluten to 30% waxy barley flour mixture resulted an increase in the maximum viscosity. All of 30% waxy barley flour added mixture with additives had lower gelatinization temperature than those without additives. In the SEM images, starch granules were dispersed in a protein matrix. A non continuous, loose protein starch matrix was observed in all waxy barley flour mixture by SEM. Addition of additives gave the dough a more continuous structure with interactions between the starch granule and protein component.


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