A Study on Information Search and Fashion Involvement as related to the Degree of Adolescent Delinquency

청소년의 비행정도와 정보탐색 및 유행몰입과의 관계연구

  • 이은실 (성신여자대학교 의류학과) ;
  • 이명희 (성신여자대학교 의류학과)
  • Published : 1999.03.01


The objectives of this study were to investigate the relationships among the degree of delinquency and clothing buying behavior information search and fashion involvement and to examine the causal relationships of adolescent delinquency demographic variables and fashion involvement on information search. Subjects for this study were 537 high school students(male ; 225, female : 312) in Seoul Korea. the results of the study were as follow. 1. Four factors of adolescent's delinquency derived by factor analysis : F. 1 'general position delinquency' F. 2 'school-norm delinquency' F3. 'personal delinquency' : F.4 'sexual delinquency'. 2. There were partially significant correlations between the degree of adolescent's delinquency and information search and fashion involvement. There were significant relationships between degree of delinquency and degree of clothing purchasing frequency. companion while shopping and source of clothing expenses. 3. In the case of male students fashion involvement and sexual delinquency had a direct effect on information search(R2 =.278) General position delinquency and allowance had a indirect effect on information search through Father's level of education had a direct effect on allowance. the present findings provide that in general the more allowance students received the higher the general position delinquency for both males and females, The higher the general position delinquency the higher the degree of fashion involvement and information search. Therefore it can be concluded that relatively mild delinquency acts such as drinking. smoking and going to discothque have more influence on fashion involvement and information search that serious delinquency acts such as violence and robbery.