Study on the Effects of Hydrogen Decrepitation on the Formation of Sm2Fe17Nx-type Material

  • Published : 1999.06.01


In an attempt to find an effective production way of the$ Sm_2Fe_{17}N_{x-}type material, the Sm_2Fe_{17-}$type alloy with chemical composition of Sm 22.7 wt.%, Fe72.3 wt.% Nb 5.0wt.% was subjected to a HD (hydrogen decrepitation) treatment prior to a nitrogenation, and its effect on the formation of the nitride material was investigated. The nitrogenation behaviours of the alloy were investigated using a TPA(thermopiezic analysis), TMA, and DTA under nitrogen gas, and XRD. It has been found that the previous HD treatment significantly facilitated the formation of $Sm_2Fe_{17}N_{x-}$type nitride, and this was accounted for by the clean surface and the finer particle size of the powder caused by the HD treatment. It has also been found that the hydrogen atoms existing in the initial HD-treated alloy were removed almost completely during the nitrogenation. The heat output associated with the nitrogenation of the previously HD-treated alloy was found to be significantly smaller than that of the as-cast alloy.



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