Analysis of the Sleeve Dipole Array Antennas Using the Moment Method

모멘트 법을 이용한 슬리브 다이폴 배열안테나의 해석

  • Published : 1999.12.01


This paper presents a method of moments with the transmission line theory to analyze the sleeve dipole array antennas and analyses characteristics of that. There were several considerations for analysis of the method of moments. First, the method of moments were applied at both of the sleeve dipole elements and the coaxial line because the current flows on both of them. Second, the feed voltages of each sleeve dipole element were obtained by using a transmission line theory because the feeding structure is fed by coaxial line in series. Third, the series reactance between the coaxial line and the open side of the sleeve was considered as impedance loading on the antenna. The radiation patterns and current distributions from the numerical results were considered as variation of the feed distances and frequencies. To verify the validity of our method, 4 elements sleeve dipole array antennas with 1 λg distance were fabricated and measured, and then the measured radiation patterns were compared with the numerical results. The measured results were confirmed a good agreement with the numerical results.



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