Design and Optimization of Prestressed Precast Double-tee Beams

프리스트레스트 프리캐스트 더블 티형보의 최적설계

  • Published : 1999.12.01


Optimization scheme is presented for the design of precast prestressed double-tee beams used as slabs in the parking or market structures. The objective considered is defined by a function that minimizes the hight of the double-tee beam, including the prefabricated element and the concrete topping poured in a second phase. The Sequential Quadratic Programming method is adopted to solve the problem. As an example 12 double-tee beams are designed with the design loads of the current design code of our country. The results from optimization process show that at least 29cm less in overall height than that designed by PCI design handbook. The section determined from the optimization process was refined for practical considerations. A MathCad 7.0 Pro Spreadsheet was prepared to verify all ACI requirements for flexure, shear and deflections. Flexural tests are performed on four full-scale 12.5m prototype models and show that all the specimens are fully comply the flexural strength requirements as specified by ACI 318-95. The present optimization scheme can be used for wider application of the design of precast prestressed double-tee beams with different materials and configurations particularly for in a large scale or for important designs.


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