Sargassum horneri를 이용한 $Pb^{2+}$$Cr^{3+}$ 생체흡착

Biosorption of $Pb^{2+}$ and $Cr^{3+}$ by using Sargassum hornei

  • 발행 : 1999.06.01


$Pb^{2+}$ and $Cr^{3+}$ uptake capacity by Sargassum horneri was 185.5 mg $Pb^{2+}$/g biomass and 102.6 mg $Cr^{3+}$/g biomass, respectively. An adsorption equilibria were reached within about 0.5 hr for $Pb^{2+}$ and 1 hr for $Cr^{3+}$. The adsorption parameters for $Pb^{2+}$ and $Cr^{3+}$ were determined according to Langmuir and Freundlich model. With an increase in pH values of 2 to 5, $Pb^{2+}$ uptake was increased, however $Cr^{3+}$ uptake jwas constant. The selectivity of mixture solution showed the uptake order of $Pb^{2+}$>$Cu^{2+}$>$Cr^{3+}$>$Cd^{2+}$. $Pb^{2+}$ and $Cr^{3+}$ adsorbed by S. horneri could be recovered from 0.1M HCl, 0.1M ${HNO}_3$ and 0.1M EDTA by desorption process, and the efficiency of $Pb^{2+}$ desorption was above 98%, whereas the efficiency of $Cr^{3+}$ desorption was below 34%.


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