Development and Implementation of Performance Assessment for Middle School Mathematics

중학교 수학과 수행평가의 개발과 적용 효과에 관한 분석

  • Published : 1999.07.01


The purpose of this study is to define performance assessment of mathematics, to make a model of performance task of mathematics for the first grade middle school students in higher group, to examine validity and reliability of performance task and to investigate the effects on the students' achievement and attitude. It first defines performance assessment and exanmines its main features and scoring methods. Based on these, nine performance assessment tasks and scoring criteria were designed for the first grade middle school students in higher group. The validity of performance tasks were examined by experts. The loaming achievement and mathematical attitude test between two groups were performed as pre and post test. The thinking of students about performance assessment was investigated by attitude survey. The results of this study are as follows: First, the validity of the performance tasks is very high. Second, The control group. Forth, there is a difference in student's attitude about mathematics between scorer reliability was high due to the scorer training. Third, there is little difference in teaming achievement between experimental and experimental and control group in 5% meaningful levels. That is, student's of both groups attitude about mathematics comes negatives, but the width of change of negative attitude in experimental group is less than control group. In the trend of negative attitude of mathematics as grade comes higher, this results showed that performance assessment of mathematics had positive influence on attitude of mathematics. The result of survey about mathematical performance assessment experience showed that students have positive attitude to performance assessment and recognized effectiveness of the performance assessment of mathematics.