Overview on Flip Chip Technology for RF Application

RF 응용을 위한 플립칩 기술

  • 이영민 (한국전자통신연구원 회로소자기술 구소 통신다중모듈팀)
  • Published : 1999.12.01


The recent trend toward higher frequencies, miniaturization and lower-cost in wireless communication equipment is demanding high density packaging technologies such flip chip interconnection and multichip module(MCM) as a substitute of conventional plastic package. With analyzing the recently reported research results of the RF flip chip, this paper presents the technical issues and advantages of RF flip chip and suggest the flip chip technologies suitable for the development stage. At first, most of RF flip chips are designed in a coplanar waveguide line instead of microstrip in order to achieve better electrical performance and to avoid the interaction with a substrate. Secondly, eliminating wafer back-side grinding, via formation, and back-side metallization enables the manufacturing cost to be reduced. Finally, the electrical performance of flip chip bonding is much better than that of plastic package and the flip chip interconnection is more suitable for Transmit/Receiver modules at higher frequency. However, the characterization of CPW designed RF flip chip must be thoroughly studied and the Au stud bump bonding shall be suggested at the earlier stage of RF flip chip development.