An Experimental Study of Supersonic Underexpanded Jet Impinging on an Inclined Plate

경사 평판에 충돌하는 초음속 과소팽창 제트에 관한 실험적 연구

  • Published : 1999.12.01


Problems created by supersonic jet impinging on solid objects or ground arise in a variety of situations. For example multi-stage rocket separation, deep-space docking, V/STOL aircraft, jet-engine exhaust, gas-turbine blade, terrestrial rocket launch, and so on. These impinging jet flows generally contain a complex structures. (mixed subsonic and supersonic regions, interacting shocks and expansion waves, regions of turbulent shear layer) This paper describes experimental works on the phenomena (surface pressure distribution, flow visualization) when underexpanded supersonic jets impinge on the perpendicular, inclined plate using a supersonic cold-(low system. The used supersonic nozzle is convergent-divergent type, exit Mach number 2, The maximum on the plate when it was inclined was much larger than perpendicular plate, owing to high pressure recoveries through multiple shocks. Surface pressure distribution as to underexpanded ratio showed similar patterns together.