A study on the lip shape recognition algorithm using 3-D Model

3차원 모델을 이용한 입모양 인식 알고리즘에 관한 연구

  • 배철수 (관동대학교 전자통신공학과)
  • Published : 1999.03.01


Recently, research and developmental direction of communication system is concurrent adopting voice data and face image in speaking to provide more higher recognition rate then in the case of only voice data. Therefore, we present a method of lipreading in speech image sequence by using the 3-D facial shape model. The method use a feature information of the face image such as the opening-level of lip, the movement of jaw, and the projection height of lip. At first, we adjust the 3-D face model to speeching face image sequence. Then, to get a feature information we compute variance quantity from adjusted 3-D shape model of image sequence and use the variance quality of the adjusted 3-D model as recognition parameters. We use the intensity inclination values which obtaining from the variance in 3-D feature points as the separation of recognition units from the sequential image. After then, we use discrete HMM algorithm at recognition process, depending on multiple observation sequence which considers the variance of 3-D feature point fully. As a result of recognition experiment with the 8 Korean vowels and 2 Korean consonants, we have about 80% of recognition rate for the plosives and vowels. We propose that usability with visual distinguishing factor that using feature vector because as a result of recognition experiment for recognition parameter with the 10 korean vowels, obtaining high recognition rate.