OSI Network Management of CORBA-based using Object Web

Object Web을 이용한 CORBA기반의 OSI 망관리

  • Published : 1999.03.01


The CORBA provides a object-oriented middleware that lets applications extend their range across networks, languages, component boundaries, and operating systems. Java can provide a potable object that works in any operating system. Mapping Java into CORBA helps large scale information system operate through the Web by using the mobile code property of Java and object component technique of CORBA. This development environment is called the Object Web. This paper proposes an architecture of OSI network management with a CORBA manager using Object Web and an CORBA/CMIS gateway which apply a CMIS-level gateway model to gateway. In this architecture, CORBA manager is based on Object Web and can manage MOs in the OSI domain. The gateway has a role to translate CORBA IDLs into CMIS services and vice versa. In addition, an OSI agent is abstracted into a CORBA agent.