Noise Filtering of ECG signal using RBF Neural Networks

RBF 신경회로망을 이용한 심전도 신호의 잡음 필터링

  • 이주원 (경상대학교 전자공학과(경상대학교 생산기술연구소)) ;
  • 이한욱 (경상대학교 전자공학과(경상대학교 생산기술연구소)) ;
  • 김원욱 (연암공업대학) ;
  • 강익태 (연암공업대학) ;
  • 이건기 (경상대학교 전자공학과(경상대학교 생산기술연구소)) ;
  • 김영일 (경상대학교 전자공학과(경상대학교 생산기술연구소))
  • Published : 1999.09.01


The ECG signal is very important information for diagnosis of patient and a cardiac disorder That signal is hard to filter the noise because that is mixed with a lot of noise, and the error of the filtering will distort the ECG signal. The existing method for the filtering of the ECG signal has structure that has many steps for filtering, so that structure is complex and the processing speed is slow. For the improvement of that problem, we propose the method of filtering that has simple structure using the RBF neural networks and have good results.