Adaptive LVQ Intelligent System for Perimeter Condition

주변 상황에 적응하는 LVQ 지능 시스템

  • Published : 1999.09.01


In this paper, the system with an artificial intelligent that is able itself to adjust the perimeter condition of the plant is presented. The proposed intelligent system is composed of two learning vector quantization(LVQ) networks, which are used mostly in the field of the pattern recognition and signal processing. From the external condition of the plant, the first LVQ network recognizes the pattern of the sensed signal and the second LVQ network judges synthetically user's characteristics and performs learning. The controller controls the plant using the reference value, which is the output value of the synthetic judgement part. In order to verify the usefulness of the proposed method, we simulated the two LVQs are implemented for the artificial intelligent illuminator as well as being carried out computer simulations. We implemented the proposed artificial intelligent illuminator and perform the experiment.