Dyeing of silk in green color used kudzu-vine leaves

칡잎을 이용한 견직물의 녹색염 연구

  • 정영옥 (동신대학교 생활과학대학 의류학과)
  • Published : 1999.12.01


The purpose of this study was to examine the best condition for dyeing silk in green color used kudzu-vine leaves which were available everywhere in our country except winter. Dyeing experiments were done under various dyeing conditions according to extracting method of dyebath from kudsu-vine leaves, pH of dyebath, dyeing time, concentration of dyebath and mordants which were treated after dyeing. Color difference ($\Delta$E) and Munsell's HV/C and color fastness to drycleaning, washing, perspiration and light were measured. The main results were as follows : 1. The color difference of dyed silk increased in dyebath B & C which were extracted in alkali water comparing with dyebath A which was extracted in distilled water. In dyebath B & C, the color difference was the highest in case of dyebath pH 5.0. 2. The colors of fabrics dyed in dyebath A were mainly yellow and the colors in dyebath B & C were yellow green. 3. The color differences of dyed silk increased according to dyeing time and concentration of dyebath. 4. The color were changed with the treatment of mordants. The most strong green color could get in Cu mordant treatment in dyebath C, pH 5.0, and concentration 4. 5. The peak of reflectance within the visible light of the fabric dyed in the most strong green color could be seen in $\lambda$500-520nm. 6. On the whole, the colorfastness of experimental fabrics dyed in dyebath B, C and Cu mordant treatment was good except the colorfastness to the light.