Study on Farm Work Environment and Physical Load in Korea - Focused on Farm Work Model by Crops -

한국의 농작업환경과 인체부담에 관한 연구(III) - 작목별 농작업 모형을 중심으로 -

  • 최정화 (서울대학교 생활과학대학 의류학과) ;
  • 안옥선 (농촌생활연구소 농작업연구실) ;
  • 황경숙 (서울대학교 생활과학대학 의류학과)
  • Published : 1999.12.01


This study was to get basic data for the establishment of proper labor counterplan so that we estimated farm work volume and work loads by crops. We examined the method of work practices such as a work posture, work time, measured work environment such as hot, cold, humidity and ultraviolet rays and calculated physical loads induced by them. Also we surveyed work environment, work posture, sleeping time and work time because they affect on farmer's health. Farmer's health survey was investigated by questionnaire and measured farmer's physical load. The types of farm work were classified into greenhouse farming, rice farming, dry field farming, stock farming and special crop farming. 11 crops were selected, for example, greenhouse melon, riceㆍred pepper, milky cow farming, pear, grapes, dropwort, sweet potato, potato, radish, and cabbage. We also chose subject districts haying the most yield of 11 crops. Our survey was conducted for the period when farmers think the hardest period in physical work load. The farm work models based on work standard were presented according with farmer's health.