Vibration Signal Analysis of Running Electric Train using Adaptive Signal Processing

적응신호처리에 의한 주행전기동차의 진동신호해석

  • Published : 1999.06.01


The vibration signals of driving parts of electric train are distorted its signal patterns due to the impact components, which occurs when wheel passes rail joints. An elimination method of the impact components is investigated using adaptive signal processing technique in this study The result shows that adaptive interference canceling method seems to be more effective than line enhancement technique. The application of adaptive interference canceling method to the signal measured at bogie shows that the extractions of the signals of driving parts of traction motor, reduction gear, and axle bearing are successful. Therefore, only the signals of bogie, which is the place to attach an accelerometer easily, is sufficient for the fault diagnosis and the safety evaluation of electric train. Also, adaptive interference canceling method can be applicable to evaluate the performance of vibration isolation between bogie and car body and to investigate the characteristics of indoor sound.