Separation of $PuO_2^{2+}$, $Pu^{4+}$ and $Pu^{3+}$ by Ion Chromatography

이온크로마토그래피에 의한 $PuO_2^{2+}$, $Pu^{4+}$$Pu^{3+}$의 분리

  • Published : 19990600


Separation of plutonium species was studied by ion chromatography installed in a glove box for the determination of plutonium element. The plutonium species, $PuO_2^{2+},\; PC^{4+}\; and\; Pu^{3+}$, were stably separated on dynamically equilibrated cation exchanger using 1-octanesulfonate and ${\alpha}$-HiBA eluant after controlling the plutonium oxidation states with KI, $NaNO_2\;or=;KBrO_3$ based on the oxidation-reduction potentials. For the separation of plutonium from other matrix, $PuO_2^{2+}\; and\; Pu^{4+}$ were reduced to $Pu^{3+}$ with KI and $NaNO_2$ followed by cation exchange chromatography.



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