Synthesis of Organic EL Materials with Cyano Group and Evaluation of Emission Characteristics in Organic EL Devices

시안기를 가진 유기 EL 물질들의 합성 및 유기 EL 소자에서의 발광특성평가

  • Kim, Dong Uk (Department of Science Education, Taegu National University of Education)
  • 김동욱 (대구교육대학교 과학교육과)
  • Published : 19990600


Novel electroluminescent materials, polymer material, PU-BCN and low molar mass material, D-BCN with the same chromophores were designed and synthesized. A molecular structure of chromophore was composed of bisstyrylbenzene derivative with cyano groups as electron injection and transport and phenylamine groups as hole injection and transport. Device structures with PU-BCN and D-BCN as an emission layer were fa-bricated, which were a single-layer device(SL), Indium-tin oxide(ITO)/emission layer/MgAg, and two kinds of double-layer devices which were composed of ITO/emission layer/oxadiazole derivative/MgAg as a DL-E device and ITO/triphenylamine derivative/emission layer/MgAg as a DL-H device. The two emission materials, PU-BCN and D-BCN with the same emission-chromophore were evaluated as having excellent performance of charge injection and transport and revealed almost the same emission characteristics in high current density. EL emission maximum peaks of two material were detected at about 640 nm wavelength of red emission region.



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