Two Anhydrous Zeolite X Crystal Structures, $Ca_{18}Tl_{56}Si_{100}Al_{92}O_{384}\;and\;Ca_{32}Tl_{28}Si_{100}Al_{92}O_{384}$

제올라이트 X의 두 개의 무수물 $Ca_{18}Tl_{56}Si_{100}Al_{92}O_{384}$$Ca_{32}Tl_{28}Si_{100}Al_{92}O_{384}$의 결정구조

  • Choi, Eun Young (Department of Chemistry, Pusan National University) ;
  • Kim, Yang (Department of Chemistry, Pusan National University)
  • 최은영 (부산대학교 화학과) ;
  • 김양 (부산대학교 화학과)
  • Published : 19990800


Two anhydrous crystal structures of fully dehydrated, $Ca^{2+}$- and $Tl^+$-exchanged zeolite X, TEX>$Ca_{18}Tl_{56}Si_{100}Al_{92}O_{384}($Ca_{18}Tl_{56}$-X;\alpha=24.883(4)\AA)$ and TEX>$Ca_{32}Tl_{28}Si_{100}Al_{92}O_{384}($Ca_{32}Tl_{28}$-X;\alpha=24.973(4)\AA)$ per unit cell, have been determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction techniques in the cubic space group Fd3 at $21(1)^{\circ}C.$ $Ca_{18}Tl_{56}-X$ was prepared by ion exchange in a flowing stream of 0.045 M aqueous $Ca(NO_3)_2$ and 0.005 M $TlNO_3$. $Ca_{32}Tl_{28}-X$ was prepared similarly using a mixed solution of 0.0495 M $Ca(NO_3)_2$ and 0.0005M $TlNO_3$. Each crystal was then dehydrated at 360 $^{\circ}C$ and $2{\times}10^{-6}$ Torr for 2 days. Their structures were refined to the final error indices, $R_1=0.039\;and\;R_2=0.036$ with 382 reflections for $Ca_{18}Tl_{56}-X$ , and $R_1=0.046\;and\;R_2=0.045$ with 472 reflections for $Ca_{32}Tl_{28}$-X for which $/>3\sigma(I).$ In the structures of dehydrated $Ca_{18}Tl_{56^-}X\;and\;Ca_{32}Tl_{28}$-X, $Ca^{2+}\;and\;Tl^+$ ions are located at six crystallographic sites. Sixteen $Ca^{2+}$ ions fill the octahedral sites I at the centers of double six rings ($Ca_{18}Tl_{56}$-X:Ca-O=2.42(1) and O-Ca-O=93.06(4)$^{\circ}$; $Ca_{32}Tl_{28}$-X Ca-O=2.40(1) $\AA$ and O-Ca-O=93.08(3)$^{\circ}$). In the structure of $Ca_{18}Tl_{56}$-X, another two $Ca^{2+}$ ions occupy site II (Ca-O=2.35(2) $\AA$ and O-Ca-O=111.69(2)$^{\circ}$) and twenty six $Tl^+$ ions occupy site II opposite single six-rings in the supercage; each is 1.493 $\AA$ from the plane of three oxygens $(Tl-O=2.70(8)\AA$ and O-Tl-O=92.33(4)$^{\circ}$). About four $Tl^+$ ions are found at site II',1.695 $\AA$ into sodalite cavity from their three oxygen plane (Tl-O=2.81 (1) and O-Tl-O=87.48(3)). The remaining twenty six $Tl^+$ ions are distributed over site III'(Tl-O=2.82 (1) $\AA$ and Tl-O=2.88(3)$^{\circ}$). In the structure of $Ca_{32}Tl_{28}$-X, sixteen $Ca^{2+}$ ions and fifteen $Tl^+$ ions occupy site III' (Ca-O=2.26(1) $\AA$ and O-Ca-O=119.14(4)$^{\circ}$; Tl-O=2.70(1) $\AA$ and O-Tl-O=92.38$^{\circ}$) and one $Tl^+$ ion occupies site II'. The remaining twelve $Tl^+$ ions are distributed over site III'. It appears that $Ca^{2+}$ ions prefer sites I and II in that order and $Tl^+$ ions occupy the remaining sites.