Sample Pretreatment for the Determination of Metal Impurities in Silicon Wafer

실리콘 웨이퍼 중의 금속 불순물 분석을 위한 시료 전처리

  • Published : 19990800


The analytical results obtained by microwave digestion and acid digestion methods for sample pretreatment to determine metal impurities in silicon wafer by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) were compared. In order to decompose the silicon wafer, a mixed solution of $HNO_3$ and HF was added to the sample and the metal elements were determined after removing the silicon matrix by evaporating silicon in the form of Si-F. The recovery percentages of Ni,Cr and Fe were found to be 95∼106% for both microwave digestion and acid digestion methods. The recovery percentage of Cu obtained by the acid digestion method was higher than that obtained by the microwave digestion method. For Zn, however, the microwave digestion method gave better result than the acid digestion method. Fe was added to a silicon wafer using a spin coater. The concentration of Fe in this sample was determined by lCP-MS, and the same results were obtained in the two pretreatment methods.



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