Determination of Total Chlorine Residuals by Flow Injection Analysis

흐름 주입 분석법에 의한 총 잔류염소의 정량

  • Choi, Yong Wook (Department of Chemistry and Advanced Materials, Jeonju University)
  • 최용욱 (전주대학교 화학.신소재학과)
  • Published : 19990800


The determination of total chlorine residuals in drinking water by flow injection analysis(FIA) with iodometric UV detection was investigated. The pH of the acid stream, the concentration of the iodide ion,the length of the mixing and reaction coils, the injection sample size, and flowrate were optimized as parameters for determining total chlorine residuals by FIA method. lodide was selectively oxidized to iodine by hypochlorite at pH 8.3 Ethylenediamine as masking agent for masking interference ions from the sample was given the best efficency. Calibration curve presented linear range of 0.03-3 mg/L for hypochlorite ion with a correlation coefficient of 0.999 or better. The detection limit was found to be 0.007 mg/L for hypochlorite ion. Under these analytical conditions, total chlorine residuals in several tap water sampled in the city of Jeonju were analyzed.



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