Kinetics on the Reaction of 1-Adamantyl Fluoroformate with Substituted Pyridines

치환 피리딘류와 1-Adamantyl Fluoroformate의 반응에 대한 속도론적 연구

  • Published : 19990800


Rates of 1-adamantyl fluoroformate with substituted pyridines ($3-CH_3,\;4-CH_3,\;H,\;3-Cl,\;3,4-(CH_3)_2,\;3,5-(CH_3)_2$) in methanol have been measured by conductometric method at various temperatures and concentrations. The activation parameters (${\Delta}H^{\neq},\;{\Delta}S^{\neq}$) and Hammett reaction constant (${\rho}$) or Bronsted coefficient (${\beta}$) were evaluated from rate constants. The activation entropies are large and negative, and the activation enthalpies are small and positive. The Hammett reaction constant (${\rho}$) and Bronsted coefficient (${\beta}$) values were -4.15 and 0.63, respectively. From the above results, it may be concluded that this reaction proceeds to a concerted displacement mechanism in methanol.



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