Development of Web-Based Simulation Program Using the Randomwalk Theory

Randomwalk 이론을 이용한 Web 기반 동영상 프로그램의 개발

  • Kim, Sung Geun (Jechon-Dong Middle School) ;
  • Kim, Ju Rae (Department of Chemistry Education, Seoul National University) ;
  • Woo, Kyu Whan (Department of Chemistry Education, Seoul National University)
  • Published : 19990800


In this study, the simulation program using the randomwalk model is developed. Generally, students in the chemistry class have some difficulties to understand the motion of atomic particles or molecules. And then, they have many mis-conceptions about the motion of molecules. This program expressed by the computer simulations using the randomwalk theory may help students to understand visually the process of molecular motion. This program can be used easily, because it is based on Web by application of JAVA languages. The program consists of two parts. One is 'Diffusion' program, expressing the process of molecular diffusion as a computer simulation. Another is 'Randomwalk' program, expressing the trajectory of molecular motion to help the students to follow the random motion virtually.



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