A Study on Application of the Photo Detector for Electromagnetic Fuel Injection System of DI Diesel Engine

직분식 디젤기관 전자분사계의 광검출기 적용에 관한 연구

  • 라진홍 (부경대학교 수산과학대학 실습선) ;
  • 안수길 (부경대학교 공과대학 제어기계공학과)
  • Published : 1999.08.01


Increasing stringent emissions legislation and requirement of more effective energy used for diesel engine demand the fine control of the fuel injection system. Recently, the electromagnetic fuel injection control system for diesel engine is tried to realize the optimum diesel combustion by the feel back sensing as optical signal of combustion flame. The photo detectors were made for the feed back signal of electromagnetic fuel injection control for small DI diesel engine. Their abilities to detect defining combustion events were examined. By evaluating test results, it was shown that the wider acceptable optical range design of optical probe window face, and selection of installation position and installation method of detector were important point for improving sensing ability. The detector was shown to detect start and end of diffused combustion and maximum point of flame intensity impossible for pressure sensor, and also shown that the maximum point of flame intensity was 75% of accumulated heat release point within the experimental conditions.


DI Diesel Engine;Diesel Combustion;Optical Signal;Combustion Flame;Diffused Combustion;Luminous Flame