The Effect of Combustion Chamber Shape on the Performance of Swirl Chamber in Diesel Engine(II)

와류실식 소형 디젤기관의 연소실 형상이 기관 성능에 미치는 영향(II)

  • 라진홍 (부경대학교 수산과학대학 실습선)
  • Published : 1999.08.01


A study on swirl chamber for diesel engine is to realize lower fuel consumption and exhaust emission than the current marketing engines. Author formerly reported the performance characteristics of small IDI diesel engine with swirl chamber by changing the jet passage area and its angle, and the depth and shape of the piston top cavity. Following after the first report, in this paper, the characteristics of fuel consumption, soot emission, and exhaust gas temperature were examined and analyzed after dimension of jet passage area expanded to $70.1mm^2$ The results were that the optimum values of the jet passage area depending on the depth of the piston top cavity were different at each engine speeds and loads, and in accordance with application of engine running conditions they were able to be selected as optimum dimensions of each design parameters.


Swirl Chamber;IDI Diesel Engine;Jet Passage Area;Jet Passage Angle;Piston Top Cavity