A Study on Robustness of a Servosystem with Nonlinear Type Uncertainty (I) - A Synthesis of 2DOF Servosystem

비선형 불확실성에 대한 서보계의 강인성에 관한 고찰(I) - 직달항을 고려한 2자유도 서보계의 구성

  • Published : 1999.08.01


In order to reject the steady-state tracking error, it is common to introduce integral compensators in servosystems for constant reference signals. However, if the mathematical model of the plant is exact and no disturbance input exists, the integral compensation is not necessary. From this point of view, a two-degree-of-freedom(2DOF) servosystem has been proposed, in which the integral compensation is effective only when there is a modeling error or a disturbance input. The present paper considers a synthesis problems of this 32DOF servosystem with direct transfer term in the system representation. And, a method how we may obtain a gain such that desirable transient response is achieved, is proposed in the presence of the modelling error and disturbance input.


Intergal Compensator;Two-Degree-of-Freedom Servosystem;Modeling Error;Disturbance Input;Direct Transfer Term