Transmission Characteristics Analysis of Digital Pulse Signal on Tapered Microstrip Line in Time Domain

테이퍼형 마이크로 스트립 선로에서 디지털 펄스 신호의 시간 영역 전송 특성 해석

  • Kim, Gi-Rae (Department of Information & Communications Engineering, Silla University)
  • 김기래 (新羅大學校 情報通信工學科)
  • Published : 1999.08.01


The only transmission characteristics in frequency domain is considered when using the tapered transmission line for wide-band impedance matching in MCM and MIC designs. In this paper, the distortion of an electrical pulse with rise/fall time resulting from dispersion and reflection as it propagates along a tapered microstrip line is investigated, and the delay time and distortion rate with respect to input and load impedances are analyzed on triangular and exponential tapered lines. A dispersion model of the phase constant proposed by Kirschning-Jansen is used to meet the frequency, accuracy and microstrip parametric requirements. The triangular tapered line shows both shorter delay time and higher distortion rate than those of the exponential tapered line. Furthermore, the amplitude of signal reflected from load point is calculated in time domain.