A Study on the Purchase Factor with Goods Type in the B to C EC

B to C EC에서의 제품유형별 구매요인

  • Published : 1999.12.30


With the rapid spreading of the internet that is based on the development of the information network system, the paradigms of "internet round" and "cyber" are given much weight in the notion of "market." Especially, the cyber shopping for the individuals is developing rapidly creating the new life style, and also in the domestic economy the cases of building and running the cyber shopping malls are increasing. The purpose of this study is to analyse the customers' shopping styles that can be shown when the customers purchase physical goods or digital goods at the B to C EC and find the way to activate the shopping malls by controlling the factors which influence the trade. The result of the study is as follows: First, to analyse the acting style of the customers at the B to C EC, it is searched whether there is any relationship between the purchasing goods, which are divided into physical goods and digital goods. There was a cross analysis between the first factor of the five factors of the purchase decision or delay at the B to C EC and the goods type. The result of the analysis is that the purchase decision factor is different according as what type of goods is purchased. On the other hand, the purchase delay factor has no relation with the goods type. Second, the fact that the cyber shopping activities are quite different according to sexuality, age, academic background, or occupation suggests that these factors are very important to the strategy for the market-specification of the B to C EC marketing construction. The result shown in this study is sure to give great help to figure out the improvement strategies and the market-specialization strategies to accelerate the B to C EC marketing. On the side of the strategies for the improvement of the goods services, more attention should be given to the functional side for the improvement of the reliability of the goods service such as capacity, technique, and quality. And the activities of the customers are so different according to the vital statistics that the way to cope with the changeability properly should be considered.