Identification of Antifungal Activity Subatnces on Seedborn Disease from Garlic and Taxus Extracts

마늘, 주목의 추출물로부터 종자전염성병에 대한 항균활성물질 동정

  • Received : 1998.08.29
  • Published : 1999.02.25


Antifungal substances were isolated and identified from garlic and taxus extracts to develop safe and broad fungicide. The inhibitory effect of seedborn disease of sesame, pepper, radish, chinese cabbage by formulation of antifungal substances was investigated. The antifungal substance isolated through column chromatography from garlic and taxus extracts was confirmed by GC-MS as allicin($C_6H_{10}OS_2$) and taxol($C_{47}H_{51}NO_{14}$) and the quantified content from each extracts by HPLC analysis was 0.62%, 0.29%, respectively. The formulation composed of garlic and taxus extracts controlled effectively the seedborn fungi tested in this study at 10X dilution, but at 100X dilution the inhibitory effect decreased. Phytotoxicity of these formulations did not recognized.


antifungal activity;garlic;taxus;allicin;taxol;GC-MS;HPLC


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