A Study on the Surface and Antibacterial Properties for M(Cd, Cu)-Activated Carbon

M(Cd, Cu)-활성탄의 표면 특성과 항균성에 관한 연구

  • Received : 1998.12.07
  • Published : 1999.04.25


The studies on the adsorption properties and the antibacterial effects of the Cd and Cu-treated activated carbon were carried out. From the adsorption studies on the series of these metal-treated activated carbons, typical Type-I isotherm was observed. The surface areas of the treated carbon obtained from BET equation were in the range of $1101-1418m^2/g$ for Cd-AC and of $1084-1361m^2/g$ for Cu-AC. Using ${\alpha}_s$-plot, the micropore volumes and pore size distribution were obtained. From the SEM study, it is also observed that many of micropores in activated carbon are blocked by window blocking effect of metals after the impregnation. Finally, antibacterial effects of M-activated carbon against Escherichia coli was discussed. From the study, the area of antibacterial activity becomes larger with the increase of the amount of metal treated.


adsorption;antibacterial effects;activated carbon;surface area;${\alpha}_s$-plot;micropore volume;SEM;E. coli


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