Quality Control on the BOD, COD, TN, TP of Water Quality Pollutant

수질오염물질 BOD, COD, TN, TP의 정도관리(I)

  • 박선구 (국립환경연구원.수질연구부) ;
  • 김태승 (국립환경연구원.수질연구부) ;
  • 류재근 (국립환경연구원.수질연구부)
  • Received : 1999.01.22
  • Published : 1999.08.25


Quality control was carried out the three analytes, BOD, COD, TN, TP of high and low concentration for thirteen laboratories. Evaluation values of Quality control was determined from average value which were made by six times test, repeatedly and periodically. This value had not only error ratio of within 5% from prepared sample value but also high precision of standard deviation, 0.44 (BOD, low concentration), 2.15 (BOD, high concentration), 0.12 (COD, low concentration), 1.63 (COD, high concentration), 0.35 (TN, low concentration), 1.99 (TN, high concentration), 0.05 (TP, low concentration), 0.14 (TP, high concentration). Upper (Lower) Warning Limit (ULWL) and Upper (Lower) Acceptance Limit (ULAL) values made from quality control chart. Three (5.30, 9.70, 5.30 mg/L) and five laboratories were over ULAL value in low and high BOD concentration, respectively. Two (41.00, 30.60 mg/L) and four laboratories were over ULAL value in low and high COD concentration, respectively. while, other eleven laboratories appeared reliable data. One laboratory (0.70 mg/L) was over ULAL at low TN concentration, while other eleven laboratories had reliable values. In case of high TN concentration, eleven laboratories were over ULAL value, it should be focuced for improvement of reliability about measurement and analysis of TN. Four (1.14, 0.45, 0.64, 1.49mg/L) and seven laboratories were over ULAL in low and high TP concentration, respectively.


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