Homogeneous Preparation of Barium Titanate by Dimethyl Oxalate in Ethanol Solution

에탄올 용액에서 Dimethyl Oxalate에 의한 티탄산바륨의 균일한 제조

  • Received : 1999.04.21
  • Published : 1999.10.25


Spherical particles of barium titanyl oxalate(BTO) were homogeneously precipitated by thermal decomposition of dimethyl oxalate in hydrochloric mixture solutions of water and ethanol. The experimental parameters such as composition of the mixture solvents. the eoncentration of hydrochloric acid and reaction temperature had the paramount effect on the size of panicles collected from the bottom of the reaction vessel at the aging time of 120 min and the composition of BTO. Stoichiometric BTO powders were obtained under certain conditions as relatively low alcohol content in the mixtures, high chloride concentration and high temperature, Monosized, submicrometer, but titanium excess particles were obtained under certain reverse conditions.


bariulll titanyl oxalate;homogeneous precipitation;dimethyl oxalate;ethanol solution


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