Cobalt(II) Complex of 1,2-Bis(2,2'-bipyridyl-6-yl)ethane. Crystallization Process and Structural Analysis of Two Shapes of Crystals

1,2-비스(2,2'-디피리딜-6일)에탄의 코발트 착물. 두 가지 형태의 결정화 과정 및 구조 분석적 접근

  • Received : 1999.04.01
  • Published : 1999.10.25


Two shapes of crystals have been isolated by the interdiffusion of $Co(NCS)_2$ dissolved in methanol with 1,2-bis(2,2'-bipyridyl-6-yl)ethane (bbpe) dissolved in chloroform. The two crystals have been elucidated as $trans-Co^{II}(NCS)_2(bbpe)$ and $trans-Co^{II}(NCS)_2(bbpe){\cdot}2CHCl_3$, by X-ray crystallography, elemental analysis, IR, and thermal analysis. The two molecular structures are very similar except for the absence or presence of chloroform solvate molecules. The bbpe ligand coordinates to the cobalt(II) ion in an open-ended tetradentate mode, resulting in discrete mononuclear cobalt(II) complex. The cobalt atom adopts a typical octahedral arrangement with six nitrogen donating atoms with two NCS groups in trans positions. A significant solid-to-solid phase transition occurs presumably due to the change of conformationally flexible bbpe ligand. The formation of both crystals oeeurs in a successive two-step process, the formation of $trans-Co^{II}(NCS)_2(bbpe)$ and its transformation into $trans-Co^{II}(NCS)_2(bbpe){\cdot}2CHCl_3$. The thermal stability and favorable formation of the solvate crystals may be ascribed to the interaction between S atom of NCS group and Cl of chloroform.


cobalt complex;crystallization process;structure analysis


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