Development of Preparation Technique of Sintered Ni Electrode

소결식 니켈극 제조기술 개발

  • Published : 1999.09.15


Recently Ni/MH secondary battery have been studied very extensively because of containing no pollutants as well as superior performance. However comparing to widely studying high capacity of hydrogen storage alloys electrode, the capacity of Ni electrode is inferior. Using for high capacity Ni/MH battery as a anodic materials, the study about high capacity Ni electrode is necessary. To making high capacity Ni electrode, active materials were impregnated in various polarization impregnation conditions. Plaque, milling for 6hr and sintered at $800^{\circ}C$, indicated porosity over 80%, and porosity were increased with proper condition electrochemical etching treatment. Proper impregnation condition was 40~80mA/cm, polarizing time was 5~10min.