The effect of substitution elements(Co, Cr, Fe) on the properties of Zr-based hydrogen storage alloy electrode for Ni-MH secondary battery

Ni-MH 2차 전지용 Zr계 수소저장합금전극의 특성에 미치는 치환원소(Co, Cr, Fe)의 영향

  • Published : 1999.09.15


Effects of alloy modification with the $Zr_{0.6}Ti_{0.4}V_{0.4}Ni_{1.2}Mn_{0.4}$ alloy for an electrode use have been investigated. For the alloy composition, a part of Mn was substituted by Co, Cr and Fe. The experimental results showed that Co accelerated activation of alloy, and Fe and Cr improved the discharge capacity. These results agree with P-C-T curves of each alloy. But substituting Fe for Mn showed the decrease of the discharge capacity when discharged at high rate (60mA, about 1C rate). Considering both the discharge capacity and the high rate discharge property, $Zr_{0.6}Ti_{0.4}V_{0.4}Ni_{1.2}Mn_{0.3}Cr_{0.1}$ alloy was found to be the best alloy among the alloys subjected to the test.