Comparative Perfonmance of Early and Late Maturing Nili Ravi Buffalo Heifers

  • Naqvi, A.N. (Animal Sciences Institute, National Agricultural Research Centre) ;
  • Shami, S.A. (Department of Biological Sciences, Quaid-i-Azam University)
  • Received : 1998.07.15
  • Accepted : 1998.11.23
  • Published : 1999.05.01


Age at maturity was studied in 661 Nili Ravi buffaloes maintained at six dairy farms in Pakistan. The mean age at maturity in the overall data from the six farms was $976.49{\pm}9.2$ days. Significantly lower mean age at maturity $(957.93{\pm}10.68\;days)$ was observed at Military Dairy Farm, Khyber Okara, Military Daiiy Farm, Punjnad and Livestock Research Station, National Agricultural Research Centre, Islamabad (Group I) compared to $(1015.26{\pm}17.39\;days)$ other three Military Dairy Farms, Peshawar, Nowshera and Rawalpindi (Group II). The advantages associated to early age at maturity were as following. Male and female calves were heavier $(38.35{\pm}0.17\;and\;31.84{\pm}15kg,\;respectively)$ in Group I as compared to $(29.27{\pm}0.26\;and\;26.27{\pm}0.26kg)$ in Group II. Milk yield per lactation was significantly higher in Group I $(1912{\pm}12\;lit.)$ as compared to $(1833.36{\pm}16.56\;lit.)$ in Group II. Lactation length was significantly longer $(284.41{\pm}1.23\;days)$ in Group I as compared to $(277.77{\pm}2.02\;days)$ in Group II. Dry period and service period were significantly shorter $(241.59{\pm}4.18\;and\;217.05{\pm}4.95\;days,\;respectively)$ in Group I as compared to $(306.39{\pm}78\;and\;280.95{\pm}9.32\;days)$ in Group II. The mean age at first calving and sex ratio were low ($1282.75{\pm}10.14$ days and 100 ♀ ♀:130.7 ♂ ♂) in Group I as compared to ($1308.7{\pm}16.44$ days and 100 ♀ ♀:152.15 ♂ ♂) in Group II but the differences were non significant.


Age;Maturity;Nili Ravi Buffalo;Pakistan