Production and Use of Feed for Sustainable Animal Production in Australia - Review -

  • Rowe, J.B. (Division of Animal Science, University of New England) ;
  • Corbett, J.L. (Division of Animal Science, University of New England)
  • Published : 1999.05.01


This paper summarizes the size and output of the major animal industries in Australia and the feed resource available to maintain production. The most important feed source is pasture but there is also extensive use of cereal grains, pulses and by-products in the intensive animal industries and in supplementing the diet of grazing animals. These resources must be used in ways that ensure sustainable production. We outline a number of Decision Support Systems such as GrazFeed, GrassGro, and AusPig which play an important role in optimizing the way in which resources are used. Waste management with respect to mineral pollution of water courses and methane production as a greenhouse gas are important issues for the animal industries and are also considered.


Australia;Livestock;Feed Resources;Pasture;Decision Support Systems;Environment

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