Non-Conventional Roughages in Tropical and Sub-Tropical Asian-Australasian Countries - Review -

  • Nitis, I.M. (Department of Nutrition and Tropical Forage Science, Udayana University)
  • Published : 1999.05.01


Non-conventional roughage (NCR) is shrub and tree fodders, crop residues and agroindustrial oy-products which is not commonly used as livestock feed traditionally and commercially. Eventhough many sources of NCR is available, the farmers perceptions on NCR not only vary from country to country in tropical and sub-tropical Asian-Australasian countries, but also vary from region to region within the country. Chemical composition and nutritive value of NCR are not only vary from species to species but also vary between species within the genera, between provenances/cultivars within the species and such variations are affected by season, climatic zone, topography and land utilization. The nutritive value of NCR can be improved by physical, chemical and biological treatments and conservation. Feeding NCR to ruminant and non-ruminant is not only improve performance of the livestock but also economically feasible. Future direction of NCR is inventarization, exchange information through NCR information centre, integration with either agrisilvicultural, agrisilvipastoral or silvipastoral system, and use of genetic engineering to produce high quality NCR that ultimately become conventional roughage for agroindustry and agribissiness.


Non-Conventional Roughage;Agroforestry;Nutrient Composition;Treatment;Utilization;Livestock;Performance