DNA Fingerprint Bands Correlated with the Egg Weight Performance of Hens

  • Huang, Haigen (College of Biological Sciences, China Agricultural University) ;
  • Meng, Anming (College of Biological Sciences, China Agricultural University) ;
  • Qi, Shunzhang (College of Biological Sciences, China Agricultural University) ;
  • Gong, Guifen (Beijing Poultry Breeding Co.) ;
  • Li, Junying (Beijing Poultry Breeding Co.) ;
  • Wang, Hongwei (Beijing Poultry Breeding Co.) ;
  • Chou, Baoqin (Beijing Poultry Breeding Co.)
  • Received : 1997.05.23
  • Accepted : 1998.03.04
  • Published : 1999.01.01


Beijing White Chickens laying larger eggs and smaller eggs were respectively used as parental individuals for mating to produce the F1 progeny and then the F1 progeny individuals mated to produce 125 individuals of the F2 progeny. Three bands associated with the egg weight performance were identified from DNA fingerprints of the 125 individuals generated with a bovine minisatellite probe BM6.5B. The simple linear correlation analysis showed that the coefficients of correlation between frequencies of the three bands (DB1, DB2 and DB3) and egg weights were -0.6, -0.6 and 0.9, respectively.


DNA Fingerprints;Bovine Minisatellte;Egg Weight Trait;Genetic Correlation


Supported by : Beijing Science and Technology Commission