Recent Advances in Biotechnology of Rumen Bacteria - Review -

  • Forsberg, C.W. (University of Guelph) ;
  • Egbosimba, E.E. (University of Guelph) ;
  • MacLellan, S. (University of Guelph)
  • Published : 1999.01.01


Recent advances in the biotechnology of ruminal bacteria have been made in the characterization of enzymes involved in plant cell wall digestion, the exploration of mechanisms of gene transfer in ruminal bacteria, and the development of vectors. These studies have culminated in the introduction and expression of heterologous glucanase and xylanase genes and a fluoroacetate dehalogenase gene in ruminal bacteria. These recent studies show the strategy of gene and vector construction necessary for the production of genetically engineered bacteria for introduction into ruminants. Molecular research on proteolytic turnover of protein in the rumen is in its infancy, but a novel protein high in essential amino acids designed for intracellular expression in ruminal organisms provides an interesting approach for improving the amino acid profile of ruminal organisms.


Rumen Bacteria;Gene Technology;Enzymes;Phylogenetic Diversity;Protein Quality;Review

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