Performance Evaluation of a Mixed-Mode Type ER Engine Mount(II)-Performance Evaluation Via HILS-

복합 모드형 ER엔진마운트의 성능평가 (II) - HILL를 통한 성능 평가 -

  • Published : 2000.09.01


This paper presents vibration control performance of a passenger vehicle installed with the mixed-mode type ER engine mounts. The performance is evaluated via hardware-in-the-loop-simulation(HILS) method. As a first step, a dynamic model of a vehicle featuring the ER engine mounts is formulated by taking into account the engine excitation forces. A new type of the fuzzy skyhook controller is then established in order to control both engine and body vibrations. This is accomplished by adopting a weighting parameter between two performance criteria which is to be determined from the fuzzy algorithm. Vertical displacement and acceleration of the engine mount obtained from the HILS method are provided in the frequency domain. In addition, vibration control performance between the conventional hydraulic engine mount and the proposed engine mount is compared in the time and frequency domains.


Electro-Rheological Fluid;ER Engine Mount;Fuzzy Skyhook Control;Hardware-in-the-Loop-Simulation


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