Measurement of the Shape of the Cold Neutron Source Vertical Hole by Ultrasonic Wave Sensor

초음파센서를 이용한 냉중성자원 수직공 형상측정

  • Published : 2000.09.01


The HANARO (High-flux Advanced Neutron Application Reactor) has operated since 1995. The Cold Neutron(CN) hole was implanted in the reflector tank from the design stage. Before a vacuum chamber and a moderator cell for the cold neutron source are installed into the CN hole, it is necessary to measure the exact size of the inside diameter and thickness of the CN hole to prevent the interference problem. Due to inaccessibility and high radiation field in the CN hole, a mechanical measurement method is not permitted. The immersion ultrasonic technique is considered as the best method to measure the thickness and the diameter. The 4 axis manipulator of the 2 channel of a sensor module was fabricated. The transducer of 10 MHz results in 0.03 nun of resolution. The inside diameter and thickness for 550 points of the CN hole were measured using 2 channel ultrasonic sensors. The results showed that the thickness is in the range of 13-6.7 mm and inside diameter is in the range of o 156-165. These data will be a good reference in the design of a cold neutron source facility.


Cold Neutron Vertical Hole;Ultrasonic Immersion Method;4-Axis Manipulator;HANARO


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