Vibration Analysis of Rotating Disk-Spindle System Using Finite Element Method and Substructure Synthesis

유한 요소법과 부분 구조 합성법을 이용한 회전 디스크-스핀들 계의 진동 해석

  • Published : 2000.09.01


Vibration of a rotating disk-spindle system is analyzed by using Hamilton's principle, FEM and substructure synthesis. A rotating disk undergoes the rigid body motion and the elastic deformation. It s equation of motion is derived by Kirchhoff plate theory and von Karman nonlinear strain. A rotating shaft is described by Rayleigh beam theory considering the axial rigid body motion. The stationay shaft supporting the rotating disk-spindle-bearing system is modeled by Euler beam theory, and the stiffness of ball bearing is determined by A.B.Jones' theory. FEM is used to solve the derived governing equations, and substructure synthesis is introduced to assemble each structure of the rotating disk-spindle system. The developed theory is applied to the spindle system of a 35' computer hard disk drive with 3 disks to verify the simulation results. The simulation results agree very well with the experimental ones. The proposed theory may be effectively expanded to the complex structure of a disk-spindle system.


Disk-Spindle System;Hamiltons Principle;FEM;Substructure Synthesis;Vibration Analysis


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