Dynamic Analysis of a Rotating Blade Considering the Fluid Induced Exteral Force

유체유동에 의한 외력을 고려한 회전 블레이드의 동역학적 거동해석

  • Published : 2000.09.01


A dynamic modeling of a rotating pretwist blade which interacts with the fluid is proposed in this study. The hybrid deformation variable modeling method is employed to derive the equations of motion. The external force and moment induced by the fluid (with fixed configurations of the blade) are obtained by fluid flow analysis and tabulated in a database. This database is efficiently utilized to save the computational effort to calculate the dynamic response of the blade. The numerical results show that the fluid affects the transient response as well as frequency characteristics of the system.


Dynamic Analysis;Pretwisted;Rotating Blade;Fluid Induced External Force;Stiffness Variation Effects;Natrural Frequency Variation


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