Semiactive MR Fluid Suspension System Using Frequency Shaped LQ Control

주파수 성형 LQ제어기를 이용한 반능동식 자기유변유체 현가 시스템

  • Published : 2000.09.01


An MR(Magneto-Rheological) fluid damper is designed and applied to the semi-active suspension system of a 1/4 car model. The damping constant of the MR damper changes according to input current and the time delay of the damper is included in the system dynamics. The passive method, LQ control and Frequency shaped LQ control are compared in experiments. The advantage of the proposed frequency shaped LQ control is that the ride comfort improves in frequency range from 4 to 8Hz where human body is most sensitive and the driving safety improves around the resonance frequency of unsprung mass, 11Hz. The experiments using a 1/4 car model show the effectiveness of the algorithm.


MR Fluid;Semiactive Suspension;Frequency Shaped LQ Control


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