Free Vibration Analysis of a T Joint Using Thin-Walled Beam and Shell Elements

박판보 요소와 셸 요소를 이용한 T 조인트 진동 해석

  • Published : 2000.09.01


This paper proposes an efficient beam-shell modeling technique for the free vibration analysis of a T-joint thin-walled beam structure. Except a small portion of a T-joint which is modeled by shell elements, the structure is modeled by thin-walled beam elements that can describe warping and distortion. In order to match the shell and thin-walled beam elements at the interface of the dissimilar elements, a technique based on a pseudo inverse matrix is formulated. This paper also examines the role of the thin-walled element taking into account the distortion and warping deformation degrees of freedom in predicting accurately the dynamic characteristics of a T-joint thin-walled structure.


T-Joint;Thin-Walled Beam;Shell;Pseudo Inverse Matrix


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