Wear and Operation Characteristics of Acetal and Nylon Pinion Against Steel Gear

아세탈과 나일론피니언의 마멸 및 운전특성에 관한 고찰

  • Published : 2000.09.01


Wear and operation characteristics of Nylon and Acetal pinion against steel gear were studied to gain a better understanding of their tribological and mechanical behavior. Tests were conducted with power circulating gear test rig under unlubricated conditions. Specific wear rates were measured as a function of applied load and total revolution. The worn tooth surfaces were examined with a profile projector and camera. Nylon pinion showed lower specific wear rates than Acetal pinion, but it revealed breakage at high load. Principal wear depths were developed at tooth tip and below the pitch line of pinion. Life estimation for the Nylon pinion was made by taking into account steel gear equivalent Hertz stress and average sliding velocity. The dominant wear mechanisms were adhesion and abrasion.


Wear;Acetal Pinion;Nylon Pinion;Machine Element;Specific Wear Rate;Life of Pinion


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