Development of New Rapid Prototyping System Performing both Deposition and Machining(I);Process and Framework

적층과 절삭을 복합적으로 수행하는 새로운 개녕의 판재 적층식 쾌속 시작 시스템의 개발(I);공정 및 기반구조

  • Published : 2000.08.01


Rapid Prototyping( RP ) has been increasingly applied in the process of design and development of new products. RP can shrink the time and expense required to bring a new product from initial concept to production. However, the necessity of using RP for short-run manufacturing is continuously driving a development of a cost-effective technique that will produce completely-finished quality parts in a very short time. To meet these demands, the improvements in production speed, accuracy materials, and cost are crucial. Thus, a new hybrid-RP system performing both deposition and machining in a station is proposed in this paper. It incorporates both material deposition in layers and material removal from the outer surface of the layer to produce the required surface finish. The new hybrid-RP system can dramatically reduce the total build time and fabricate largo-sized and freeform objects because it uses very thick layers, i.e.


Rapid Prototyping;Hybrid Rapid Prototyping System;Deposition and Machining;6-axis Parallel Mechartism;Process Planning


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